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Hi y'all! Thanks for taking the time to read this short, short message! I mentioned to another person here on the blog that I maybe needed to clarify exactly what the Readalongs and Buddy Reads was all about. The original intention of the readalongs and buddy reads was for people to put up...

Guest-Author Lili Wilkinson Readalong

Apparently Lili Wilkinson will be our next Writer in Residence on InsideaDog, so I was thinking (if any other people were interested) in doing a readalong with anyone who would like to join in, of a few of her works! I've actually only ever read Lili Wilkinson's novel, 'Green Valentine' which...

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WELCOME! Here are the details!

HI GUYS! *waves excitedly* Anyone who wants to join, can set up Readalongs and Buddy Reads with eachother here on this blog. Someone can post what they're thinking of reading on a new blog post, and others can express their interest down in the comments of that post! Then, people can add...

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