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After the Lights Go Out discussion


‘A gripping portrait of catastrophe at the edge of the world, love in extremis,
and the lengths that survival can drive us to.’

– Justine Larbalestier on After the Lights Go Out

Comment your thoughts on
After the Lights Go Out by Lili Wilkinson, which has been longlisted for a Gold Inky Award. For those who are currently reading it, have already read it, or will read it in the future…

Remember to use spoiler text where apt and respect others’ opinions.

Let the discussion begin!



Currently 37% through! (Page 123) Pru is a really good main character. She knows what she's doing but doesn't make a fuss of it. I didn't like Mateo to start with, but he's growing on me. The review excerpt on the front mentions 'deceit'... It's a little worrying. Looking forward to what happens next.

5th Apr, 19

66% through - I just finished Part One and I NEED HELP! If Blythe dies... Aaagh. Also who was that with Keller that night? Was it Grace? It better have not been Grace. I hope Mateo forgives Pru. And I like the whole town council thing, it's nice. Okay. Back to reading.

6th Apr, 19

I finished yesterday but since my internet wasn't working I wrote my thoughts on paper. Here they are:
70% - page 232 Poor Grace. Losing and identical twin... I can't even imagine how awful that'd be.
87% - page 287 Their dad scares me. I'm really worried he's going to kill someone, and the whole town council / everyone sharing thing was going so well.
99% - page 324 Well, that's that problem solved. It's quite reassuring, really. But what about Panda?
100% What a nice ending. A denouement, as a fancy person might say. I'm glad Panda and Grace are okay. And I hope there's a sequel! There probably wont be, but we can hope, right?

9th Apr, 19

Overall thoughts (no spoilers)
Pru worked very well as a main character. Lili Wilkinson struck a really nice balance between her conscience and her practicality - she wasn't whiny or cold, and her motivations made sense. The side characters were diverse and interesting enough for the time we spent with them. I especially liked Peter and his quotes. Mateo, while not an overtly 'different' character, wasn't the cliche teenage boy YA novels often have. I found Grace an interesting and complex character, and Blythe was great. And of course I felt the same as Pru about Keller.
There were quite a few suspenseful moments which all worked well. I wan't totally invested like I am for some of my favourites, but I still felt the suspense and surprise. There were some nice messages too.
Overall, a 4.5 star book. According to me. I'm looking forward to the next Lili Wilkinson novels I'll be reading.

9th Apr, 19